The Other Side

Published by eXtasy Books
ISBN: 1-55410-780-6
Flame Rating: 2 Flames
Category: Lesbian/Romance
Cover Artist: Martine Jardin

Ally Brent is a popular governor in the 1970's, but because of her husband's emotional blackmail, may lose everything, including the woman she's loved for over twenty-five years.


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"You have a visitor," he said quietly.

"No one knows I'm here." She started to tremble. "Oh my God! I hope the press hasn't found out where I am."

He laid a hand on her shoulder. "It's Clare Christian."

Ally's hand flew to her mouth. "Clare's here?" she exclaimed. "Where is she?"

He opened the door and motioned for the woman. Clare walked into the room and over to Ally, quickly enclosing her in her arms. He closed the door and stood silently watching the women.

Tears filled Ally's eyes. "Oh my, God, Clare, you don't know how I've needed you, but how did you find out?"

She softly laughed. "Sweetheart, when I didn't hear from you I knew something terrible must have happened. Then when I read in the papers that you'd resigned I knew something was wrong. I've been trying to find you for so long. Last night I broke down and called Michael. I insisted he tell me your whereabouts."

"I thought you'd be the last person he'd tell."

"He knows I'll never leave you, Ally, unless you ask me to."

She touched her cheek. "That will never happen, Clare."