Behind Closed Doors

ISBN: 978-1-55487-813-0
Cover art by Martine Jardin
Heat Level: 4 Flames
Published by eXtasy Books
Available in: Rocket (RB), Mobipocket (PRC), Hiebook (KML), Html, Sony LRF, Sony PDF, Microsoft Reader (LIT), Adobe Acrobat (PDF), Palm DOC/iSolo (PDB), Epub (EPUB)

After witnessing two brutal murders, a woman is given a new identity and whisked away to a depressing remote location. When a beautiful female agent suddenly replaces the male agent she'd known for the past two years, it doesn't take long for her to realize everything else that's been missing from her life. She's determined to force the agent to see that protection is not all she needs. Will her physical needs jeopardize her safety?

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Kera was fatigued, but found after climbing into bed that she couldn't fall asleep. She cocked an ear as a soft sigh escaped from Summer. The scent of Summer lingered in the room. It was a fresh and very feminine scent, which mingled with the light fragrance of her perfume. It brought up a far too long suppressed feeling inside of Kera. Summer was an attractive woman and it had been a long time since Kera had been totally alone with the same sex, not to mention, far too long since she'd been intimate. Her mind drifted to the romantic nights Steffi and she used to share and the passion they'd felt when their love was unleashed. Her lips trembled. She'd never have that again. Steffi was gone.