The Silent Cry

Published by eXtasy Books
Flame Rating: 3 Flames
Category: Lesbian/Romance
Cover Artist: Martine Jardin

A young woman fights to prove her innocence after being falsely charged with murder while trying to win the heart of the woman she loves.

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J.C. nodded as Samantha's hand brushed her own causing it to tremble even more. "Thanks, Sam. I owe you one the next time you're at Harry's." She gulped at the drink, feeling its healing warmth quickly spreading through her and calming her wobbly insides.

"You don't owe me anything. What's going on with you tonight? What's really wrong?"

She shook her head slowly back and forth. "Sam, how can I tell you when I don't even know myself?" She took another swallow of her drink. "I just have this terrible emptiness inside. I can't stand being away from you," she whispered in a cracked voice. "Why can't we be together again?"

Her eyes pleaded with Samantha's. "It would be different this time. I promise. I'm losing my mind being away from you. I'll change, but just give me some time."

"You're losing your mind because it's saturated with alcohol. You're incapable of feeling anything except the fear of where your next drink is coming from."