Partners: Deception

Published by Torrid Books
ISBN: 978-1-68299-263-0
Rating: Contemporary/LGBT Erotic Romance

In the sixth book of the Partners Series, Private Investigators Frankie Barker and Johanna Obrien uncover a sinister plot which could destroy their best friend, Trey Daniels. They are shocked to learn that Trey's partner, Will Benjamin, may be in on the scheme.

With the help of Sheriff George Ryker, they hatch a plan to bring the mastermind of the plot down, and try to find out what dark secrets Will might have in his past. As their investigation continues, they uncover an even more evil plot.

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Johanna swallowed hard. "I swear, if it wasn't broad daylight I'd whip everything off my desk and take you right now."

Frankie cocked an eye. "Now who's insatiable?"

Johanna laughed softly. "Okay. We're even." The phone buzzed and Johanna picked it up. "Hi, Trey. Calm down and tell me what's wrong."

Frankie immediately leaned forward and looked at Johanna. Trey Daniels was one of their closest friends. They'd met him after they'd quit the Philadelphia police force and moved to Charlestown where they purchased twenty acres, built their dream home, rented an office in a strip mall sandwiched between a coffee shop and hair salon and hung out their sign: Obrien and Barker Private Investigators.

"Does Will know?" Johanna asked.

Frankie's curiosity was piqued. She wished Johanna had put the phone on speaker. She couldn't read much in Johanna's expression and hoped there wasn't a problem between Trey and Will. Will Benjamin was not only Trey's life partner, but business partner as well. Trey owned a landscaping business, over the years had expanded it, and now had added an entire crew to run most of it while he got his new construction business off the ground.

"Okay. We'll see what we can find out. I'll talk to you later, Trey. No, don't worry. We won't let Will know." She hung up the phone.

"I hope it's not trouble in paradise," Frankie said.

"No. It's nothing like that. Trey wants us to do a thorough background check on an old friend of Will's."


"Will wants to hire a friend of his as a financial advisor to work inside of Trey's company."

"Don't they already have an accountant?" Frankie lifted an eyebrow. "Trey's not big enough to need a business financial advisor, is he?"

"Yes, they have an accountant, but Will thinks they can use a financial advisor for investments since they've tripled their assets in the past few years."

"Again, unless Trey has suddenly come into a large inheritance, every dime he makes goes back into the business. I never heard of him making any huge investments because just like us he has a private investment firm to take care of everything he needs. If he was a super mega business I could see it, but he only has a handful of people taking care of the payroll and assorted office duties." She paused. "Why would Will offer a friend a position that doesn't exist?"

Johanna frowned. "I don't know. Trey didn't come right out and say it, but I can hear in his voice that he's concerned about this friend."

"Could Trey be jealous?"

"I don't think so."

Frankie was thoughtful for a minute. "How do you think Will is going feel about Trey having a secret background check done on his friend? By the way, you never told me his name."

"It's Kyle Martin," Johanna replied. "I would think that Will wouldn't take the background check personally since it's standard procedure. After all, if he's going to be working with the finances of the company he'll have to be bonded."

"But the position doesn't exist. Or is Trey going to make a position?"

Johanna shrugged. "He didn't say."

Frankie frowned. "Well, how about if I start a general search to begin with on Kyle Martin while you begin the paperwork?"

"Do I have a choice?" Johanna asked with a playful scowl.

Frankie grinned. "What do you think?"