2 In 1: Partners

Published by Torrid Books
EBook formats ISBN: 978-1-61160-105-3

Partners: The Wrong Corpse and Partners: The Other Woman are now available in one volume!

In Partners: The Wrong Corpse, Frankie and Johanna take a case they feel will be a cinch to solve, before embarking on a much--needed vacation. But the case turns out to be much more than they bargained for!

Graham McHenry hires Frankie and Johanna to follow his beautiful, much younger wife Cassandra, whom he believes is having an affair. They find the information their client is seeking, but the next morning they learn the woman has been murdered. The time of death places Cassandra at a motel, at the same time they had been following her to her mansion. Now McHenry wants to know who killed his wife, and Frankie and Johanna are determined to find out who they were following!

In Partners: The Other Woman, Private Investigators Johanna Obrien and Frankie Barker are planning a vacation with Johanna's visiting mother, Gracelyn, when a former lover of Johanna's shows up demanding that Johanna take her case. Gretchen Wyler is heavily involved in an investment scam which implicates Johanna and could destroy her life. The partners hatch a plan to trap Gretchen but Frankie's jealousy mounts when Gretchen puts the moves on Johanna. Meanwhile, Johanna must come to terms with the demons from her past and a secret she has kept from Frankie for all these years. A secret that could ruin their relationship forever.

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Excerpt From Partners: The Wrong Corpse

"I take it you don't like him much," Johanna said.

Mayna lowered her eyes and looked at the pen in her hand, then quickly set the pen down. "No. I don't. He thinks women should fawn all over him the minute he enters the room. If they don't, well let's just suffice it to say that he loves a challenge. He's the master of seduction," she replied bitterly.

"How long did you date him?" Johanna asked, unexpectedly taking Mayna by surprise.

Frankie watched the color creep into Mayna's cheeks. She loved watching Johanna work. She had a knack for sizing someone up and then subtly asking an unanticipated question and gauging the immediate reaction of her unsuspecting interviewee.

Mayna's fingers became restless again and instead of picking the pen back up, she nervously fingered a pile of brochures stacked on the counter. A long tapered red fingernail looked like it would be pulled off if it got snagged in the pamphlets. "I got him the job here. What a mistake that turned out to be. We were together for almost two years and he led me to believe we were heading to something permanent." She raised her eyes slowly.

Frankie noticed the tears peeking out behind Mayna's eyelids. "It's none of our business about the details of your relationship with Bunson. We're here to talk about Cassandra McHenry."

Excerpt From Partners: The Other Woman

Once inside the bedroom Frankie stripped off her clothes, then climbed into bed and huddled under the heavy blankets and comforter. The howling wind with its lonely desolate sound made her yearn for Johanna's warm body cuddled next to her. She bur-rowed even deeper under the covers. She hoped Johanna wouldn't be long. She yawned as her mind drifted over the odd events of the night until exhaustion overtook her and she eventually fell into a fitful sleep.

Two hours later she awakened when the bedroom door quietly opened and closed. She heard Johanna tiptoe into the darkened room and listened to the sounds of Johanna removing her clothes. A moment later Johanna slipped into bed and rolled onto her side pressing her body tightly against Frankie's back.

The heat from Johanna's body as her smooth skin touched Frankie's was overpowering. When Johanna wrapped her arms around her, Frankie murmured contentedly. She always had the feeling of peace and security when Johanna was next to her.

"Babe, I know you're not asleep," Johanna whispered close to her ear. She ran a hand over Frankie's bare shoulder. "I need you, Frankie, more now than I ever have. I'm so scared, baby. Please hold me."