Breaking Free

Published by eXtasy Books
ISBN: 978-1-77111-045-7
Heat Level: 4 Flames

Can a famous big city writer and a down home country girl find a common ground?

Izzy Calhoun Simon, a successful writer for a highly acclaimed TV series embarks on a much needed vacation from her hectic lifestyle when the TV series ends its run. It's Christmas time in Beacher and the town reminds Izzy of an old fashioned postcard. She soon realizes the contrasts between city living and small town living. When she meets Katelyn Anderson, she is instantly drawn to her, but Katelyn keeps giving her mixed signals.

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Izzy's insides turned to jelly as she met Katelyn's penetrating gaze. She hadn't felt like this in a long time. The emotion had lain dormant deep inside, and now was suddenly being resurrected without warning. She wasn't quite sure how to handle these sudden stirrings. Were they erupting from loneliness or from a genuine attraction to this stranger? She wasn't sure and right now she didn't care. Katelyn had touched a part of her that no woman, for years, had been able to.