Best Friends

5 Stars

BEST FRIENDS is a touching story which will tug at the heart-strings as the reader lives through the miseries of Callie and Katie. The author truly understands the trials and hopes of young women and I was quite pleasantly surprised to find that the novel delves much deeper into character delineation than I had expected. It's quite a good story and I highly recommend it.

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Destiny is an amazing book. The plot involves the lives of two lesbians, but this book is about trust and love. Ms. Chase did a marvelous job of developing her characters, and the relationship could easily have been between two men or a man and a woman. Rachel and Kerri are totally true to life and the secondary characters are equally well-written. The sex between Rachel and Kerri is hot, not particularly graphic, but very arousing. I was aroused about the tenderness, love and sex as depicted in this book. As the two women continue with their lives in different places and with different friends, there was not a single bump in the plot. I loved reading about the women and how their feelings about themselves and each other led to finality. The ending was wonderful, but I will admit to tearing up as the story concluded. Thank you Ms. Chase, for providing such an interesting, sexy, and loving book to read.

Marcy Arbitman
Just Erotic Romance Reviews

The Other Side

This is a heart-warming story that truly pulls you in from the beginning as a dying woman reflects on the most important things in her life. It tells a wonderful story of love, life, choices we make, and rights and wrongs. Ally Brent is a character I will not soon forget. Although the other characters are well defined, Ally's strength, class, and determination, is a true testament to all women. She is a beautiful person inside and out and gives of herself to everyone and everything. The Other Side is a book you will not want to miss.
5 Cups
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance

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The Other Side is a book that would make a fantastic movie. The numerous and detailed character development was interesting and insightful. The relationship between Clare and Ally is beautiful and tragic at the same time. They're definitely soul mates and I couldn't help but constantly wonder what their lives would have been like had their lives taken a different course. The complex dynamics of the characters in The Other Side really lent to showcasing the versatile talent of Kira Chase.
4 1/2 Kisses
Reviewer For Two Lips Reviews

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The Prize

The Prize is a good example of a confident character becoming a bumbling mess when outside her comfort zone and how one should never make assumptions; communication is the key. Kira Chase has packed a lot of emotion into this short f/f read, which is worthy of a prize itself.

Reviewer: Angelika Devlyn

The Prize is a well-written romance centering on two beautiful but lonely women. While the plot isn't deep, the emotions are, and when Micki and Starlyn finally get each other alone, it's worth the wait. The sex was very well done, soft and satisfying but never over-the-top. Overall, The Prize is a feel-good lesbian romance, one I'd be inclined to recommend for someone looking for a light but fun read.

Literary Nymphs Reviewer: Satyr Vael

The Interview

The Interview is a very sweet and satisfying love story that didn't disappoint me on any level. In fact, it left me feeling warm and fuzzy all over and wishing to read more of Rae and Shayla's story. What I loved about this story is that Kira Chase managed to really convey all of those feelings of excitement and joy that that happens when falling in love as well as all the insecurities that come up until really getting to know each other. It was very real and well written.
Reviewed by: Madame Butterfly (LEAH)

The Silent Cry

Rating: 5 kisses
The Silent Cry is a heartrending story of two women who love each other but suffer each from serious issues. In the near background stands a third woman, Jordan, a socialite acquaintance of Samantha's who is determined to destroy J. C. if that is what's required to remove her from Samantha's sphere. Kira Chase continues to demonstrate her accustomed skill at developing intriguing female characters, and pitting their tensions against each other and against current society, keeping the reader's attention riveted.
Reviewer For Two Lips Reviews

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Rating: 4 cups
Kira Chase has written a provocative novel filled with undying love and mystery. She has shown us a love that can endure. The expression of the book she wrote was very clear-cut. The characters remind you that alcoholism is a disease that needs treatment and a continual support system. Ms. Chase made you understand the amazing love between her characters. This book is an amazingly exciting read.
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance

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Rating: 4 Hearts
Ms. Chase writes with passion, compassion and style. She has penned a complex story of romance, mystery, heartbreak, friendships and love through it all. This is not a novel for light reading. It brings out a lot of emotions because we've all dealt with some of J.C.'s doubts and fears at some point in our life. It's a great story written with more depth than some and should be a great read for anyone.
Dee Dailey
Reviewer for The Romance Studio

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5 Angels & Recommended Read From Fallen Angel Reviews

ZINNA is a very interesting book; although the main character is a lesbian the story is more to do with the pure love that two people share together and the choices and decisions that we make to try and give our loved ones everything they desire. This is a fantastic book and one that I would highly recommend to people. Although readers may shy away from the book because of the f/f plotline, it is handled so delicately that it is hardly noticeable. Kira Chase has produced a great novel that looks into the very psyche of the people involved, each with their own stories and issues that they deal with in their own way. I will definitely be looking out for more of Ms. Chase's work.

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Fallen Angel Reviews

ZINNA is a novel that abounds with rich characterization. Zinna is a complex character who attempts to make her dream become her lover's dream. While in New Orleans, she does a lot of soul searching and finds that she has quite a few personal issues to work on. Compassionate secondary characters are instrumental in helping her make her dream a reality. Turner's makeshift family includes cross dressing Kyler who instantly accepts Zinna for who she is. Charity is the family's mother figure who takes Zinna under her wing and offers her invaluable advice. Turner, a caring man, is drawn to Zinna from the first moment he sees her. He is the one who really encourages her to master her craft. Megan is portrayed as a strong woman who is willing to sacrifice her happiness to make sure that Zinna's dreams come true. ZINNA is a book about a soulful, intense yearning that will capture readers' hearts.

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Ariel Summer
Romance Reviews Today