Sweet Surrender

Published by eXtasy Books
Flame Rating: 4 Flames
ISBN: 978-1-4874-0830-5
Categories: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, GLBT, Lesbian
Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Epub, Mobipocket

Sawyer Branson has been hurt in the past and is content to spend her nights in unemotional hookups until Officer Jordan Hunter shows up at her apartment to investigate a burglary. Sawyer is instantly drawn to her. When her friends convince Sawyer to take a self-defense class, she is surprised to learn that Jordan is the instructor. The more time Sawyer spends with Jordan, the more she wants her. Afraid of her feelings and the fear of rejection, Sawyer wonders if a one-night stand with Jordan will finally get the woman out of her system.

Officer Jordan Hunter finds herself drawn to Sawyer Branson when she responds to a burglary at the woman's apartment. When Sawyer shows up one night for her self-defense class, Jordan is pleasantly surprised. Never before wanting anything more than a one-night stand from any woman, she finds it hard to shake her mounting feelings for the woman. She decides if she can get Sawyer into bed for just one night, she'll realize that her feelings were nothing more than lust.

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"For the last time, I don’t care," she said, exasperated. "Class is going to start." She saw Jordan reenter the room. "Let’s get into position. Remember we’re breaking into groups of three tonight so I will be working with you two." The truth was that she did care. To try to stop Jordan Hunter from invading her thoughts, she’d kept herself so busy all week that she literally fell into bed each night exhausted. She knew eventually she’d have to get Jordan Hunter into bed to get it out of her system. That was the only way she could exorcise her from her thoughts. But the problem was if Jordan was involved with someone Sawyer would never come between them. She’d just have to play it by ear. If Jordan made a direct pass, she’d take her up on it. After their one night of raw uninhibited sex was over, she could move on and put this ridiculousness behind her. The worst-case scenario was that Jordan would want more than a one-night stand. Commitment was not in Sawyer’s vocabulary.