Please do not copy or use these poems without the permission of Kira Chase.


Two Hearts

Your heart touched mine but you didn't see
My tortured soul trying to reach out to grasp your love
Fear froze the embers of my being
Lost in time I couldn't see
Two hearts entwined for all eternity
I was too frightened to take a chance on fate.
But you were patient and waited for the right moment in time.

My Love

You live deep within my heart, my love concealed because of fear
I see you and I long to touch, knowing that our love can never be
Still longing, hoping wanting you, your touch is all I yearn for
My heart grows heavy as my tears begin to fall, in the deep of night where no one can see
The wounds all come out to play, taunting me with your image on my mind
I slumber as the sun begins to rise, only then can we be together.


Your eyes no longer light up with love for me
Your words came without warning one cold stormy night
Halting forever the life we promised one another would always be
Stilling the love I held tight.

Broken, I wander through my solitary life
Hurt and torn wondering if I'll ever trust again
I know others have gone through what is now my strife
My wounded bleeding heart can only wonder when.

Falling Out

You promised my heart it would never be broken
My hopes and dreams were all answered with your love so sweet
Then it was over with no explanation by you ever spoken
My lonely tears fall silently, my heart destroyed by your deceit.


You came to me promising your love would always be true
I opened my heart to accept the gifts you offered me
I couldn't see that destiny would leave me shattered and blue
To pick up the pieces of my life, my future now so uncertain to see.
My heart will heal, the pain will disappear
I will go through the motions with each new day
Till eventually I'll face life again without you being near
But always the question will remain, what could I have done to make you stay?