Best Friends

Living in small town USA in the sixties, a troubled teenager tries to come to terms with her intense yearnings towards the same sex.


Pursuing her artistic dreams in New Orleans, a woman wonders if it is worth the sacrifice if she has to give up the only woman she's ever loved.


A woman yearns for the freedom of a big city where she and her female lover can live and love the way they choose.

The Other Side

A popular governor in the 1970's may lose everything, including the woman she's loved for over twenty-five years, because of her husband's emotional blackmail.

The Silent Cry

After being charged with murder, a young woman fights to prove her innocence and to win the heart of the woman she loves.


Partners Book Series

Twelve years ago Frankie Barker and Johanna Obrien became partners, then lovers, on the Philadelphia Police Force. After two years, the women were tired of city living. They quit the force and moved to Charlestown, Pennsylvania, where they built a log home and hung out their shingle as private investigators.

Partners: The Wrong Corpse

Two private investigators are baffled when the woman they are hired to observe is murdered in a motel at the exact time they are following her to her mansion. Now they need to find out who they were following.

Partners: The Other Woman

When a former lover shows up, a private investigator's life becomes unraveled as she tries to come to terms with her demons from the past and the secret she's been hiding.

Partners: Blinded By The Trees

When a body is discovered in a Christmas Tree lot, two private investigators uncover some disturbing facts about the victim which also connects to a case they've been working.

Partners: Beyond The Shadows

A private investigator's life is jeopardized when an ex-con vows revenge on those who put him in prison over thirty-five years ago.

Partners: Winds Of Fire

Two private investigators find themselves embroiled in the middle of an arson investigation when their client's case has eerie similarities.

Partners: Missing

When a private investigator's mother comes up missing, the investigator comes face to face with unimaginable evil.


The Second Time Around

When the opportunity for revenge presents itself, a woman realizes that revenge may not always be sweet.


Looking for love in all the right places.

Breaking Free

Can a famous big city writer and a down home country girl find a common ground?

Behind Closed Doors

After witnessing two brutal murders, a woman is placed in the witness protection program and falls hard for the beautiful agent assigned to protect her.

Love Unleashed

A near tragedy forces a woman to realize what's really important.

A woman fears that her much younger partner will leave her for a younger woman.

A Touch
After a vicious disfiguring attack, will a young woman dare to come out of the shadows?

The Warden
Who will be the warden's next chosen one?

More Love Unleashed

Will unfounded fears about her partner's loyalty destroy her relationship?

Wrong Number
Drawn to the stranger's sultry voice at the end of the line, a beautiful woman unleashes her fantasies.

When a grown daughter learns of her widowed father’s upcoming marriage to a divorcee with a grown daughter of her own, she soon realizes that she has more in common with her new 'sister' than either realized.

Birthday Surprise
A woman is determined to give her husband his ultimate fantasy for his birthday.

The Prize

Entering a contest to win a date gets a woman more than she bargained for when the prize has a goal of her own.

Out Of Control

When everything in life gets out of control, it takes a gentle hand to rein in the wild and ignite a home fire.

The Vamp

A beautiful vampire tries to control her thirst for blood when she falls in love with a mortal woman.

The Necklace

When unexplainable events occur while wearing a necklace that once belonged to her late grandmother, a woman wonders if the necklace holds the key to her destiny.

The Interview

A best selling author is torn between protecting a secret from her past and her love for the female reporter who may expose her secret.

Heart's Desire

A romantic weekend getaway to a secluded cabin in the woods has unexpected results when everything that can go wrong does.

The Three Of Us

When Deborah's daughter Caroline brings her fiancee Lily home to meet her, Deborah is shocked to discover that Lily is a woman from her past...a past she'd rather forget.

Sweet Surrender

When two women who only want unemotional one-night stands meet, they are both confused with their mounting feelings for one another.